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Destination Rich Living is a self-empowering, transformational, learning experience company that through seminars and personal one-on-one coaching, teaches and publishes information on self-empowerment, personal growth & development, business and personal productivity, spirituality, mindset, physical and mental well-being, awareness and more. Please join us in our training seminar events so that you may be able to reach your own transformational self-actualization.

“Hawk Mindset” Retreats

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“I have known C. K. Rich for many years now.  As an entrepreneur for over 30 years, I have experienced all the ups and downs that any one in any new venture has experienced. Often, I have reached out to discuss these issues with C. K. Rich and although I may have not liked the answers I heard…they were exactly the answers I needed to hear, and as a result, this advice has given me the opportunity to move forward and significantly enhance my business life as well as my personal life. If you are a person struggling in your life in some aspect whether personal, social, or professionally, I would highly suggest you attend one of her seminars/workshops or become a coaching client. She has provided me with insights and observations that every day significantly affects my life both personally as well as professionally in a very positive way, and for this I am grateful.” ~ Dom Mogavero

“When my husband and I met C. K. Rich we were in a rough spot and we had been grieving the death of our grandson for five years. C. K. Rich helped us to get out of our house and start going for walks and enjoy the great outdoors and nature once again. Nature is a healer and calmer. You see we could barely walk without being in severe pain. We were suffering physically, emotionally, and mentally. We lived like we were 80-100 years old, but we were only middle-aged. We let the pain and suffering of the loss of our grandson run our lives nearly into a grave.


C. K. Rich helped us to cope with the loss of our grandson, opened our eyes to many new things, helped us to realize that there is more than meets they eye in our world and also helped us to find alternative healthcare options versus only traditional mainstream medicine, which only wants to hand you more pills for your problems. C. K. Rich helped us to find an amazing holistic doctor that performs acupuncture and also helped to teach us other natural ways to help with the pain… Kind of an Eastern medicine meet Western medicine, which has helped us greatly!

I always found myself trying to search for natural alternative ways of living life and doing meditation and still being spiritual without mainstream religion, which we often find to be hypocritically judgmental. We do believe in God, we just don’t believe that we have to go see an imperfect preacher/minister/father or other organization that requires your legion, and require that you dedicate your lives and your money to reach God. We are spiritual people and we are much more happier because we are still guided by God, we just needed to learn that we have to slowdown and listen. C. K. Rich helped us to understand that we must take timeout for ourselves and meditate which will help you clean your spirit and your soul to where you can once again be strong and go on and live your life and do what needs being done. C. K. Rich taught us how to take our power back and be strong once again!

C. K. Rich helped us to learn to enjoyed life once again as we were just sitting in our house and beds waiting to die at the ages of 48 and 52. C. K. Rich help us to have an amazing transformation in our lives and we are very grateful!” ~ Chris & Judy Breen

” My name is Irina… Originally from Romania in Europe and I consider myself very fortunate to have known C. K. Rich. As you could imagine coming from another country and starting a new life here was very difficult. C. K. Rich was always there to help me in so many ways including teaching me the culture, technology, to alternative topics, all of which has helped me be successful in business as well as my personal life, and all the time expecting nothing in return. C. K. Rich represented not only a real role model for me, but is a dedicated, devoted, sincere, and an incredibly brutely honest person. I have no doubt C. K. Rich will help many many more people in the future!!” ~ Irina B.

“I am grateful for the time I have know C. K. Rich as it has only enriched my life. C. K. Rich is not only intellegent, but also hardworking and inventive and always thinking of a better way. I would always put my faith in C. K. Rich” ~ W. Pentoney


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